samedi 29 octobre 2016

Sportster 883 XLCH 1960

Photshop test for blue painting

Photoshop blue color test !

True painting  test !

Broken Roll pin for Hunt magneto

The way to succed !

Iron color after Katarina in New-Orleans !

A Harley1963 speedo for Sportster XLCH set at 00'000Miles

Harley Davidson 1965 XLCH for a new life

New seat for 2. A new model. "Sportster since 1957" is writen on it !!

A gasket to cary the front light and a 6V honk on the fork. Now the light is lighing the road not the moon !

Clutch end cable !

Original clutch final rod
Home made clutch's rod

Original garbage clutch pivot

Home made clutch's pivot

Behind the level of front brake of a Sportster (1974-1979). Electric contact is there.

La brelle et la bête !
XLCH_1965 Tank with HD logo (Metal) Pictures taken the 2019/01/08

Front bracket's old painting went out when I remove tank from frame

When you remove caps, you will see that gas begins to work on painting ! Inside is clean